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Re: [at-l] LT as Practice AT?

On Sat, 05 Dec 1998 21:35:16 -0500 Timothy Clough <tmclough@iname.com>
>trip before I go on "the real thing." My thoughts were to hike the 
>Trail in Vermont as the practice trip.

It is what I did in '97, to see if I could hack a long distance hike. The
northern portion of the LT is more remote, more rugged, less crowded and
more beautiful than the AT portion of the trail.

>mail-drops, etc.)? When would be the best time of year to hike the 
>Which direction (N>S or S>N) do people generally travel? 

I did my end to end hike of the LT in late July until early August..
Started at the Mass/VT line and ended at the Canadian border. (Don't tell
the Canadian gov't..but I made an illegal border crossing for 10 minutes!
shhh! ;)   )

One of my favorite days of hiking ever was on the LT. Climbed to the top
of Camel's Hump and saw an incredible view. To the north, the moutains of
Canada......to the south Mt. Killington, to the west, Lake Champlain, and
to the east the Presidential Range of New Hampshire. A gorgeous
mountain...and not built up like the other major peaks of Vermont. 

I would highly reccomend you get the LT Guide put out by the GMC, and if
you are planning an end to end hike, get the "End to Enders Guiide"..also
put out by GMC.


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