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[at-l] Long trail

Cindy wrote, in response to tmclough, regarding the Long Trail:

>Not if you're planning a summer trek.  Most folks plan on 3 weeks to hike the
>entire 273 mile trail.
Or tale a month, go slow, and enjoy it. It's a tremendousaly beautiful trail.

>You'd only need two mail drops...one at Jonesville and
>the other at the Inn at the Long Trail (Sherburne Pass).
There are a number of towns and B&B type places along the way, relatively
accessible, for showers and town stuff.

>I'd suggest you get
>the Long Trail Guide and the End to Enders guide from the GMC.
I found both useful - the End to Enders guide is a real help.

>I feel the northern 2/3 rds is more difficult and more beautiful than the
>southern 1/3rd of the trail.
The south is very easy walking, and gets you in nice shape for the north.

>You'll find the northern portion of trail
Most go North to South. If you start right after 4th of July you'll have
other End to Enders to play with. There are often LOTS of people in the
South - I had several nights up north when I was alone in shelters.

<When would be the best time of year to hike the LT?>
>The black flies are going strong in June.  IMO July and August are good
Some misquitos though, depending on the night and the shelter. Fall is also
gorgeous - foliage season is not to be missed, fewer people (except
w/ends), no bugs. Try mid Sept. through Oct. There may be snow in the north.
It really is a tremendous trail - some very unusual shelters in places -
great history.
Fearless Phil

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