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[at-l] Re: Air travel with a pack

I flew to Atlanta from Mass this year in March to start my thruhike.  I
have an external frame Jansport pack and I was more concerned with the pack
being opened and losing stuff than any damage to it, so my dad and I just
constructed a box to go around it (from 2 boxes I had from ordering hiking
stuff!) and taped it up really well, then covered the box with a leaf bag
and taped it too.

It may have been overkill but I didn't worry about it at all.  When I got
to Atlanta I went to the 'special' claim area for the big stuff and there
it was.  A security guard lent me a small knife (mine was packed in my
pack... oops!) and I opened it and discarded the box in the airport and I
was good to go.

As someone else mentioned, I had also shipped my stove and fuel ahead to
the home of the person who was meeting me at the airport so I didn't have
to worry about that at the airport.


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