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Re: [at-l] LT as Practice AT?

In a message dated 12/5/98 9:41:47 PM Eastern Standard Time,
tmclough@iname.com writes:

<< Has anyone else among us ever done this?>>

Yes ...but most folks seem to go back to the Long Trail and resume the
remaining 173 miles after completing the AT since the LT and the AT are one
and the same for 100 miles from the MA/VT border to just shortly beyond
Sherburne Pass at the Maine Jct.
<< Is there anything special that would make the LT particularly different
from the AT (gear, terrain, mail-drops, etc.)?>>

Not if you're planning a summer trek.  Most folks plan on 3 weeks to hike the
entire 273 mile trail.  You'd only need two mail drops...one at Jonesville and
the other at the Inn at the Long Trail (Sherburne Pass).  I'd suggest you get
the Long Trail Guide and the End to Enders guide from the GMC.   Check out the
<A HREF="http://www.greenmountainclub.org/">The Green Mountain Club</A> site
for updated trail info.  Some sections are "closed" until the end of our fifth
season, "MUD," so as to reduce impact on the trail.  By Memorial Day the
entire trail is usually "officially" open.

I feel the northern 2/3 rds is more difficult and more beautiful than the
southern 1/3rd of the trail.  You'll find the northern portion of trail
quieter.  If you're southbounding you'll pass AT thru hikers as they head
north.  Just about this same time you'll be starved for company and you'll get

<When would be the best time of year to hike the LT?>
The black flies are going strong in June.  IMO July and August are good

<Which direction (N>S or S>N) do people generally travel?>

More folks start out at the Massachusetts border and head north.  The trail
gets more difficult from Middlebury Gap to North Troy.  But you'll be rewarded
with 360 views from Camel's Hump and Mt. Mansfield. 

Cynthia Taylor-Miller
Wallingford, VT

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