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[at-l] Re: ATML Hikers anonymous assoc

Hi- I'm Jimmy. I have 5 tents, 12 sleeping bags, 16 sleeping mats, 12 stoves, 154
water bottles, 7 goretex jackets, 3 tarps, 4 pr of hiking boots, ....whada ya mean
I need professional help? I haven;t snuck out of my office to go to a hiking store
in over a week...I'm in remission.I'm practically cured. Geez just last week my
wife started taliing to me again....PJ

Gary Adams wrote:

> Hey, sign me up!!
>         I don't fit #4, but only cause my kids ask for the credit card so they
> can buy camping/hiking stuff :-)
>         Will we have support groups & stuff? You know, get up in front of a
> group & say: Me: "Hi, I'm Gary, and I am a hiker" group: "Hi Gary"  Me:
> "I've been hiking now for 15 years, I tried to stop, (SOB) but I just
> can't. (Big SOB) I'm up to 3 stoves a year, I own 9 tents and I can
> choose my sleeping bag to within 5 degrees of any predicted temp. down
> to 40 below." :->
> Doctari.
> PS: Sorry AA, you do good work!

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