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[at-l] Change 'o subject - lightweight tent

...and a big good evening to you all..

My friend Doug just ordered one of those 1.5 lb tents that was discussed
recently. I must admit I'm looking forward to checking this thing out
first hand.

Doug, myself, and a friend from England are doing another section of the
Bartram Trail (GA) this weekend. If any of the GA listers are interested
in a report let me know directly.

Have been using an Esbit stove look-a-like and I must say that I've really
enjoyed it's simplicitly. Have had no trouble cooking the basic Liptons or
heating water for coffee etc. I fashioned a homemade windscreen and that
really helps keeping the heat under the pot.

Doug is using an Esbit with a signle titanium pot for a really lightweight
kitchen. Now if he'd only get rid of those 8 cans of beer in his pack ;-)

Gotta go...
Uncle Milt

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