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Re: [at-l] Emergency Blanket

Hi Give Me Chocolate,
Someone else on the list posted he checked out his style blanket and it
isn't a conductor.  Even though his is a different style I believe the same
would hold true for the one I carry?  Glad you asked the question as I
never even cosidered that issue.
Have a good one.
At 10:45 AM 12/2/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Don't laugh--I have another question about the metalic emergency blankets...
>Do they present a danger in lightning? I know hikers who use them as ground
>Give Me Chocolate
>John O'Mahoney wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> For  years I used the Space Emergency Blanket in treating injuried parties.
>>  This is a thermal blanket that weights 1 ounce and are 56"x84" when
>> opened.  When properly wrapped around a person they can generate a
>> considerable amount of heat in any weather condition.  The only difficulty
>> is unraveling this machine tightened material.  It can take 5-10 minutes to
>> completely and carefully unravel this balnket in idea conditions.
>> Consider if your suffering from hypothermia, shock or other type of
>> serious injury and are alone.  I dare to say it would be extremely
>> difficult if not impossible to unravel this blanket from the 3" machine
>> packaged wrap to 84" opened size without assistance.  More than likely you
>> would tear the blanket into pieces in an attempt to open it up rendering it
>> useless.  My suggestion is to unravel it at home and then stuff it in a
>> zip-lock bag for any emergency requiring its use.  Once the blanket is in
>> the zip-loc bag just squeeze the air out of the bag and seal up the bag.
>> Once it has been unraveled the likelyhood of rewrapping the blanket is very
>> doubtfull indeed.  I doubt if anyone has the patience to perform such a
>> task.  I know for a fact I wouldn't even attempt such a task. A mother of 4
>> pre-schoolers probably could do this very well indeed.   Just stuffing it
>> in a zip-loc bag will ensure it is ready and can be easily used for any
>> emergency that requires it use.
>> Have a good one.
>> John
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