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[at-l] Re Introduction to list

Hello All -

Finally have a little spare time and a little spare hard drive on the old
Mac...couldn't resist rejoining the AT and PCT mail lists for a while <g>.
Glad to see that both lists are still around - I certainly have missed the
chance to enjoy trail discussions for much of this last year.

I was poking thru the web to find the current method to resubscribe to the
lists and I came upon the page(s) set up for the hack.net trail lists.  The
searchable message archives are a FANTASTIC resource for anyone interested
in grassroots trail-related information ...GREAT JOB, Ryan!

If anyone is as bad about keeping old messages around as I am...please note
that I have a new email address...none of the others that I have used in
the past on this list are any good now.

Jim Owen, are you still on this list?  I would like to talk a little CDT
with you <VBG>.

Charlie Thorpe

aka.  Charlie II   AT (MeGa'93)
                   PCT (MexCan'95)

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