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[at-l] Avoid Moosejaw Online

I recently ordered a pack from an online company called Moosejaw Online.  Very
unprofessional.  They advertised the gregory reality pack for $116.  I of
course jumped at this order.  They took the order and said they would ship.
After 20 minutes they called back and said the pack was $215 and I did not see
it for $116.  When I checked the web site while on the phone they had changed
the web page.  I told them I couldn't believe they changed the web page they
denied it and told me I was mistaken.  I told them I had a printout with the
116 price.  They then offered to split the difference and throw in a free t-
shirt and they would ship immediately.  I said fine and purchased it (still a
bargain).  After 3 phone calls and 4 1/2 weeks I finally got the pack.  Its
great but guess what,  they are so cheap they stiffed me on the free t-
shirt!!!!!!!!!  Pay your money, take your chances right.  Never had this
problem with REI.  funny how that works!!!   Doug
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