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Re: [at-l] New hiker services for '98 season

In a message dated 97-12-07 10:18:41 EST, ddgould@necc.org writes:

<< I was thinking of this
 being offered in places where there is NO opportunity for resupply near
 the trail, and the only option is a long walk/hitch into town.  >>

After thinking back on my experiences I remember quite a few of those.  I had
a problem in that I couldn't easily hitchhike with the dog, so there were some
times when I had to carry a week's worth of food.  It gets much easier when
you finally get into Virginia, where I resupplied about every 4 days.  I
carried way too much food anyway (or at least too much of the stuff I didn't
like to eat).  There are so many variables in  2160+ mile hike that you can't
make a general rule on anything, but this discussion provides good "food for

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