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Re: [at-l] titanium pots

Marty Sinclair wrote:

>         Does anyone out there know anything about the prospects of MSR coming out
> with a titanium pot similar to its stainless steel ones.

I have been waiting for the same thing.  MSR has come out with their Titan cook set
which is very light and very expensive.  The biggest drawback is that all the pots
are too small.  If they would only make them in the same shape and size as their
Alpine set as you said.  I have their titanium spoon with the stove wrench on the
end.  I like it although you should make sure your stove nut is not on too tight or
you will ruin the titanium wrench/spoon.  By the way, MSR has a web site so you can
get a picture and stats on the set.  I believe it is at msr.com.

Good Luck,

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