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[at-l] Summit Pictures

I've finally stopped procrastinating and made copies of my summit picture
and a picture with Micah as well.  I'm currently trying to send these out
to all the people that sent me care packages and letters during my
thru-hike, but there were many more who wrote via email and for whom I
have no postal address.  If there is anybody who'd like a copy of my
summit picture, just send me a postal address and I'll forward it on.  I
feel like so many shared in my trip and offered support along the way,
I'd like to repay all those kindnesses in some small way.

Also, if there are any '97 thru-hikers out there that I've missed, I'd
love to get copies of your summit pictures if you can spare them (Geo,
Shaggy, Mass, ..........).  My address is:  22 Buck Jones Rd., Raleigh,
NC  27606.

"Solophile"  GA-->ME  '97
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