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Re: [at-l] water bottles

This thread seems to have elements of smelly bottles, winter camping, and
iodine purification.  I'd like to raise a caution about using iodine in the
winter.  Much of what I've read says that the effectiveness of iodine drops
off significantly in very cold water.  In (literally) ice water I wonder if
it works very well at all.  

Since iodine is iffy in very cold weather, and since filters freeze up,
most winter campers I talk to just rely on boiling their water.

By the way, when melting snow, the preferred method seems to be to always
add snow to liquid water to avoid burning holes in your pots.  One trick is
to never finish off the last of your water... keep it as a starter for the
next batch.  Also, don't use the "pink" snow that smells like watermellon.

Disclaimer: I'm just getting interested in winter camping, but am definitly
not an expert.

-- Jim Mayer

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