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Re: [at-l] drugs...

Since there doesn't seem to be much concensus brewing on this issue, common
courtesy would seem to dictate that one shouldn't do things in common space
(shelters) that obviously impact upon others (spreading whatever kind of
smoke around).  It would seem polite to ask if others mind if you light up
(anything), and if anyone objects then you move off somewhere else to
indulge yourself.  If someone is uncomfortable and doesn't say so, then
they are rather stuck, don't you think?

The other side of this coin is that by putting yourself in a common space,
you have to adjust your level of tolerance for things others do that impact
upon you personally.

Does that sound like Miss Manners or what? ;-)


>This has nothing to do with hiking, but...
>> I personally believe that drugs should be legal, but bottom line is that
>> until the law is changed you can go to jail for smoking pot.  That is enough
>> deterrent for me.
>        It amazes me that most humans are still so socially unevolved as to
>think in terms of "legal" vs "illegal."  There are countless numbers of
>"legal" actions that I would never commit, just as there are countless
>numbers of "illegal" actions that I don't even blink before committing.
>        Let's all remember that at one time slavery was legal and many
>religions were not.  Can you hear Martin Luthor King saying, "The bottom
>line is that segregation is legal."  Or how about Jesus saying,
>"Christianity is illegal.  That is enough deterrent for me."
>        For those that can't grasp the big picture, focus on a smaller on:
>it's legal to drink alcohol until you die, but illegal to step off a
>bridge.  You can focus on legality; I'll focus on rightiousness.
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