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[at-l] Late Introduction

Uh-Oh, I just arose from the lurk and posted, so I guess I could 
introduce myself formally.

My name is Steve, and I live just east of Cincinnati, Ohio.  I am 
Williamsburg Section Supervisor for the Buckeye Trail, which runs 
1200 miles around Ohio.  My section is also part of the North Country 
NST and American Discovery Trail.  It's also 75% road, but what can 
you do in farm land?? :)

My first introduction to the AT came in the late 60's as a Boy Scout. 
 We attempted a weekend hike from Caledonia SP to Pine Grove Furnace 
SP.  I HATED IT!  Nobody in the group had much backpacking 
experience, and I was not in shape for it.  The first night it snowed 
4 inches, so we bagged the second day (much to my relief).

Two years later, my father convinced me that I had really enjoyed 
that trip, so we tried 4 days through New Jersey. I Loved it this 
time, and was hooked.  My father and I had several other enjoyable 
hikes for many years.

Then I finished college and got a real job, and he retired to 
Florida!  I haven't backpacked for 15 years.  However, sitting behind 
a desk has enabled me to develop a 'permanent 50 pound pack'...just 
above my hips.

I decided I needed to get back into this great hobby, so I have 
gotten active with the BTA helping to build and maintain the trail
and done many day hikes.  Next is to get that permanent pack off and 
strap a real backpack on for an overnighter.  I still plan to do 
GA>ME and do it in the next 5 years!  Lots to do before that.

I enjoy the tremendous information and communication on this list.  I 
hope I can find more to contribute, as I learn more.

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