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[at-l] 1998 A.T. Data Book

  As many of you know, I am the editor of the A.T. Data Book.  Every year
around this time, I send letters to representatives of each Trail-maintaining
club seeking information about changes in the Trail or nearby facilities
which should be included in the Data Book.

  This year, I would like to expand my sources of information by soliciting
input from all of you.  If anyone knows of anything in the Data Book which is
or has become inaccurate due to Trail relocations, opening or closing of
facilities, etc., please let me know.  Also, if any of you on this List serve
as the local Trail maintainers or have supplied me with information in the
past, and you can advise me that there are no changes in the section of the
Trail that you are associated with, that information would also be very
helpful to me.

  Of course, please e-mail all responses to me at DataBook97@aol.com.  If you
wish to mail me any correspondence, my address is:  863 Red Road, Teaneck,
N.J. 07666.

  Daniel Chazin
  Editor, A.T. Data Book
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