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[at-l] inevitable postponement

I never expected it to be this way. Here I am, psyched for the hike, then
generating self-doubts about being able to get the financials to work. If
all goes well, I'll have books on the market bring a trickle in to cover
the thru-hike. 

But it looks like '99 isn't a target anymore. My world is turning upside down.
I just learned that my younger sister (the non-hiking one) has an incurable
brain tumor. I'm in shock and not sure how to cope, other than to do what I
can to get her back to the US and into good medical care. The prognosis
isn't good. If we're lucky, she has 3 years. The doctors say 1. She's 30,
and has no health insurance.

My thru-hike with my other sister may end up as a cathartic trip for us
both. Anyway, it'll have to be put off until we get through this. I won't
be posting to the list much from now on, may have to sign off for a while.
But just wanted to thank everyone for helping me get into backpacking and
rest assured, I'll keep it up when I can. The AT is still *my* dream.

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