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Re: [at-l] Preparation (thru hikers and shelters)

Worth Robbins wrote:
> Pox Populi wrote:

[much stuff hacked]

>> > So, don't paint all thru-hikers with the same brush on this point.
>> > Most will go out of their way to make things easy for the section
>> > hikers and weekenders, realizing their needs, although temporary,
>> > are often much greater.
>> Most shorter term hikers can take care of themselves, thank you.

> Many can (I count myself among them), didn't mean to suggest otherwise. I
> was mainly supporting the point that thru-hikers should expect no special
> claim on shelters, and adding a judgment that, ON AVERAGE, they should be
> better prepared. Doesn't mean there aren't plenty of equally competent
> short termers. Sorry if I stepped on toes.

I just felt that the "much greater need" comment needed a rebuttal.
We are, after all, only talking about a glorified tent platform with
a cover on it. 

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