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[at-l] Postcards from Ron, Linda & Brandon Moak (typo correction; please discard previous mailing)

Day 0 -- June 14 -- Saturday

Yesterday, after a long flight from Portland, OR, we received a great shuttle 
to Amicalola Falls Lodge by Milt Webb (of AT-L mailing list).

Our day didn't end with our arrival at the falls.  Around 9:00, shortly before 
getting ready to go to bed, a bear was seen in the campground.

We stowed our food in a neighbor's car and tried to sleep.  The bear and her 
four cubs were being driven around the campground.  Around midnight, the bear 
showed up below our site.  None of us had any interest in sleeping.  
Fortunately, a thunderstorm showed up and forced us back under the tarp.  Soon 
we had no interest in the bear and went to sleep.  

The morning broke with continued rain.  After breakfast at the lodge we 
started up the Approach Trail to Springer.  The rain let up a few miles from 
the summit.

We made it to Springer about 1:00 and stuck around an hour before heading to 
Stover Creek Shelter.  We passed on staying at the shelter and are camped by 
the creek in a thicket of

						Fallingwater (Ron)
Daily mileage 2.5		Total 2.5

Day 1 -- June 15 -- Sunday

We left this morning around 8:00 after good-byes to a group of scouts who took 
over our shelter.

Perfect weather made for great hiking - especially as we walked along the 
trail to Three Forks.

After three climbs, we were happy to call it a day when we came to Justus 
Creek.  I guess we'll just have to spend another evening along side another 
beautiful creek.  Boy, life can sometimes be hard!
					Fallingwater (Ron)
Daily mileage 11.1	Total  13.6

Day 2 -- June 16 -- Monday

No rain in the night, but we awoke to a foggy morning that never burned off.  
We were all perfectly happy with the cooler weather for hiking, so no 
complaints here.  As we walked through more dense thickets of mountain laurel 
and rhododendron I remembered some of what I loved so much about hiking the AT 
in the South 20 years ago.  

We continued over several nameless mountains on the ridge, past Gooch Gap, 
then down to woody Gap, where we stopped for lunch at the totally socked-in 
picnic area.

The afternoon was more typical Georgia ups and downs over Big Cedar Mountain, 
Granny Top Mountain, and Burnett Field Mountain.  Home for the night was a 
campsite beside the trail at Jarrord Gap.  We're all hiking much better then 
we expected, so we're only 5 miles from Neel's Gap for tomorrow.  We're 
rewarding ourselves with 1/2 day off.  A bed, shower, ice cream, pop, and 
supplies await us.
					Linda (Red Rainbow)
Daily mileage  11.7	Total 25.3

Day 3 -- June 17 - Tuesday

It rained in the night, but as usual the tarp kept us cozy and dry.  By 
morning it was just dripping off trees, but the sun was out.  We packed up and 
were off before 8:00, our earliest start yet, but not sure if we're destined 
for 7:00 A.M. starts as we planned.  Oh, well.

We knew Blood as our only climb for the day, but it turned out to be a 
beautiful stroll.  Just a few short steep stretches, but nothing bad.  The 
higher we got, the more laurel and rhodies were blooming.  It was still sunny 
when we got to the stone shelter on top of Blood.  We stayed up there for a 
while to drink in the atmosphere and the striking, if hazy, views.  We headed 
off for Neel's Gap just as the fog rolled in.

The 2 miles to Neel's Gap went quickly as we picked our way over the rocks and 
boulders.  At Walasi Yi Center our supply box was waiting.  We picked up other 
needed supplies while waiting for a shuttle to Goose Creek Cabins.

Sure glad we're indoors tonight because a major storm system is coming 
through, and I'd rather watch it from inside.  Right now the rain has stopped 
and we're kicking back, enjoying a lazy afternoon at Goose Creek with clean 
bodies and clean clothes.  Tomorrow we will be challenged again.
						Fallingwater (Ron)
Daily mileage  5.4	Total 30.7

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