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[at-l] Bears in the Smokies

One of my good friends is a horse camper and she recently stayed in the
horse campground in Cataloochee.  She was telling me how the bears were
"out of control" there.  Two women were sleeping in the bed of their
truck and two bears got on the front and were rocking the truck back and
forth.  A cub tried to crawl in a horse trailer to get the sweet feed and
the mother swiped it out.  In the process she put a big gash in the hind
end of the horse.  The horse freaked out.  She said that they practically
came up to the campfires (I asked her if she offered them any
marshmellows).  Some man was riding his horse too hard and it locked up
(don't ask me to explain that).  He left the horse there and came out. 
When a ranger found the horse it was dead and three bears were feeding on
it.  The rangers were able to track the man down and made him liable for
any damages to horses or their riders (in that area) for four years (I'm
not certain how this could be enforced).   

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