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Re: [at-l] Communication with Oz

Do not fear, your son will be quite safe. The hiker family, and I do   
mean family, he will experience on the trail is warm and loving.
We used a Zaurus, by Sharp, which is a small Palmtop computer, no  
moving parts and used AA batteries. There are other brands out there you
can compare it to. We communicated through Compuserve e-mail, and of
course there are other services  available but the Zaurus came with all
the software built in for CIS.

People were very accommodating along the trail, letting us go on line
>from convenience stores or motels. The CIS number was a toll free

Rest assured, your son is not an idiot, he is an adventurer. Hiking the
Appalachian Trail will provide him with life long friends and memories.

Rich & Kath
Download & Nexmo
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