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[at-l] delurking

I have been lurking for awhile now with an occassional responce but have
never introduced myself  except in private e-mail.  I just turned 50 and
faboulous.  I have wanted to hike the at since I was a young girl.  Getting
married too young and having kids put my dream on hiatias.  Now with the
support of my husband( without whom none of my dreams could come true-second
husband), I have the oppurtunity to achieve this dream.  He will be
resupplying me and offering me encouragement but cannot go himself as he has
bad knees.  He does hike with his leki's on weekend and day hikes.  

I cannot wait to meet you 97 hikers whom I am already enjoying through the
e-mail.  Rachel, Marty, Antelope, Poom, Ravin and all of you.  I love the
felix stories, the philosphy of Jim Owen, and all the information that
everyone imputs.  

One comment, I love Wingfoots books.  Without them I would never have gotten
as far as I have with the planning.  Will carry his thruhiker book.  Even
with some inaccuracurys I think it is the best planning  and guide available.

 What better way to start the next 50 years.  

I am off now to do a dayhike with my hound Sampson up around Neels Gap.  Will
problally run into some early starters.  GTG

Red Dancer
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