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Re: [at-l] Lost my Loft!

>At 09:04 PM 2/7/97 -0500, you wrote:
>OK, so when I bought the durn thing, I didn't know any better.  But I guess
>my TNF Cat's Meow spent the better part of its first year in the stuff sack
>(it's now almost 3 years old)...
>I'm worried that it's lost enough of its loft to be uncomfortable as the
>temperature gets cooler (i.e. at the beginning and end of my hike).  I've
>heard that you can throw it in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls.
> Anyone know of this?  Does washing it affect the loft?  


If you get in touch with North Face and tell them the bag is not performing
properly they should send you a new one. They replaced two for me when my
son and I were using synthetic bags. It is a very good synthetic bag but
when you get a new one, use the largest stuff sack you can tolerate do not
use the sack that comes with the bag - It is too small and will crush the
batts. Store it in a large cotten bag like REI sells. The dryer and tennis
balls does NOT work with synthetic bags - at least not mine.  


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