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Re: [at-l] Lost my Loft!

Someone on this list or another stated that they felt they had lost Cats
Meow loft after many years worth of use. TNF replaced it free and he was
I have the Cats Meow also and have been compressing it extremely tight into
a telecompressor bag from Lowe Alpine. It sure turns it into a little
package after compression...Now to the point... I too have left mine in for
a long time and upon letting it lay out for about 30-45 minutes..it has
returned it loft fully...Thats the magic I'm told of PolarGuard HV ... My
advice is to start taking it out everyday for awhile and then you should
see loft develope quicker... Tumbleweed

> From: Merritt000@aol.com
> OK, so when I bought the durn thing, I didn't know any better.  But I
> my TNF Cat's Meow spent the better part of its first year in the stuff
> (it's now almost 3 years old)...
> I'm worried that it's lost enough of its loft 
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