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[at-l] Loft


  We bought a couple of SlumberJack 20 deg bags in 92. Der Frau's is still
in good shape... Mine, after doing the AT and several other hikes has lost a
lot of it's loft (therefore insulating value). Most of the loft is lost due
to compression in the stuffsacks every day for two summers. No amount of
"fluff-drying" with tennis balls, sneakers etc has made it recover. I've
always made sure to store the bags hanging in a spare closet. I've put up
hooks to hang the opened bags full length.
  I have changed to a little warmer liner for my bag (adds weight also),
next step will be a silk liner or replacement of the bag.
  Maybe it was in Ray Jardine's book (about hiking the PCT), I read years
ago, he mentioned the loss of loft, due to the use of compression bags and
storage; when I started storing (winterizing) my bags "properly".
  Any how generally bags do lose their loft with use and will need replacing
at some point. Sometimes it's a "gear-head" thing, just to get the latest
and greatest. ;-)
  About the polypro liner, I'd be much more comfortable with a cotton liner;
a year ago I bought a Salt Egyptian Cotton liner from Campmor, that adds
about 5 deg of warmth, easy to wash, and fairly light. It's really up to
you, which you prefer.

  take care, 

At 07:46 PM 2/7/97 -0800, Nathaniel Young wrote:
>in the manner of Earnest P. Warrell - EEEEEWWWWWW!

>on a completely unrelated note, has anyone had much experience with 
>bagliners.  my moonstone is getting old, and doesn't insulate as well as 
>it used to, so since i can't afford a new one, i'm thinking of REI's 
>nifty little polypro. bagliner.  would this be a good buy?
>thanx, and later
    Dick & Lyn  Wix     (Where's Spring; Rochester, MN)
                 aka  "WIXeR"  AT-94  GA->ME
       We'll get there,,,, when we get there.!!" - obscure

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