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[at-l] RE: Naked hiking

Hi Gail,
  Saw your email on the list and to me, so I thought I'd just mention
that I never hiked nude---it was about 5-6 individuals who did it
occasionally, but did a "grand entrance"  into Rusty's in the buff.
There were three women, and the rest guys.   I believe they pretty
much hiked nude on the isolated sections of the Trail from Helvey's to
Rusty's.  I never could get up the nerve to do it for the reasons you
mentioned;  but if you saw Mike's posting, you can see others may have
a different view.  Mainly, they did it because it was something
different, and I think you know how your mind starts to work after
hiking for two months. Oh, and if you're ever down at Rusty's, you can
see a picture of them on the wall on the back porch, next to the

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