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[at-l] Introduction

Greetings all,
A recent message prompted this posting. I don't recall who made it (I'm a
pretty quick draw with the delete button) but the just of the message was
that probably only 20% of the people on this list were contributing, the
remainder were lurking.
Well I'd like to do my part to change that statistic. First allow me to
introduce myself, 
My name is Ken Breeden. Personal background about myself can be found at:

I enjoy hiking, but due to time conflicts with work, I have been unable to
do more than day hikes or overnight hikes. I have hiked a section of the AT
at Springer Mountain and visited the southern terminus. I've hiked sections
in Northern NC and sections in VA. One day the opportunity will present
itself to do a thruhike (one of my goals in life) and the more I read of
your postings, the louder the trail calls.

Anyway, I'd just like to say how informative and entertaining this list is
(Felix, keep the stories coming, they're really good).


"There are no ancients before me,
No followers behind:
Only the vastness of heaven and earth
On this mountain terrace.
Though heaven may know the ultimate,
Joy or sorrow is our own will."
-- Deng Ming-Dao, excerpt from "365 TAO"

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