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[at-l] Late entry for Class of '97

Well, I guess it might seem a bit rude to both introduce myself 
*and* ask some questions in my first contribution - but, with your
forgiveness thats just what I'm going to do ;)

My partner and I have both recently given in our Notice at our
respective jobs here in the UK (wow, scary), and are now realising
just how soon we will be put to the test.  Needless to say these
next few weeks are going to be chaotic.  We are looking to start out
on the 18th March, maybe a day or two earlier.  We actually fly in
on the 3rd but will see some friends in CT and plan to take a week
off just as a cooling down period.

Now for the questions -

1. does anyone have a spreadsheet/table of shelters and towns for
the trail.  (i'm sure I should be rigorously planning this thing ;)

2. could anyone give me some ideas on getting to Springer from New
York.  I'm obviously looking for the most cost effective.


Ian Cole and Julie Cole
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