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> > I don't know who it was that was dehydrating meat specifically ...
grond beef.....


	I bought my Harvest Maid Dehydrator in 1981 and immediatly dried 60# of
mixed (uncooked) frozen vegatables and 21# of roasted Turkey meat.
The turkey meat made more gas than Exxon but the vegatbles have been a
staple item for backpacking ever since. I choose mixed veggies that do 
not contain potatoes, as they take too long to reconstitute. The veggies
are ready in 20 min. boiling time(the lima beans are last to get soft)
or you can presoak and cut cooking to 10 min.
	Ground beef should be cooked extra well done and drained of water and
fat. While cooking chop to  even size pieces. Add salt after draining
fat, salt is a good presevative and by adding after draining you know
how much is staying with the meat. Hamburger dries in about 12 hours at
150 deg in my drier with ciculation on closed loop. Hamburger in boiling
water is ready in 5 to 10 minuets.
	"Roast Beef" is by far the best meat I have dried when using the
following method. I cook a good low fat piece of beef in the presure
cooker. Season with liquid smoke, garlick, black pepper, onion etc.
After well done grind the beef on coarse setting. I use Grandma's old
meat grinder for this. Salt the ground beef then dry about 12 hours. The
ground roast has a light almost freeze dried consistency. Add boiling
water and it is ready to eat in 5 min.. This makes for some quick meals
of minuet rice and beef...just add hot water wait 5 min. and eat. I like
to package my dried roast beef in 1/3 or 1/2 cup servings. I use those
little half pint ziplock snack bags. I place the snack bags inside 2
gallon freezer bags (3 layers of bags). Put in deep freezer for long
term storage.
	I have dried tomatoe's in both powdered and wedge forms. While
I have made my own spaggetti sauces this way, and I might add very good
too. Some ready made items are not quite as good but are much simpler to
prepackage for the trail. One Half of a box of one of the many flavors
of hamburger Helper plus 1/2 cup of dried meat makes a good meal. 
	The dried vegatbles and meat offer many possiblilitys. A handful of
veggies really improves a big dish of your favorite noodles. I prepare a
vegatable beef soup with the addition of some tomatoe powder. A good
trick for super hot stoves....make the dinner extra watery to prevent
sticking. When done turn off stove and add some rice to soak up some of
the liquid.
	A recent discovery to me is that cooked pinto beans when dried will
reconstitute in boiling water very quickly. I usually just dry Lucks
canned pintoes to dry. This gives me an idea of a portion size (1 can).
Now can you imagine chili with beans, buritoes, etc?
	Canned meats dry fairly well. Even chicken spread's works well.
Canned tinder chunk ham, underwood chicken spread are some I have used.
	Jerkey making is the only time I dry uncooked meat. Soak overnight,
even sized strips of meat in what ever you want the jerkey to tast like.
I like lots of black pepper, garlick, A-1 sauce, worschestershire sauce,
onion powder. Some folks like to add Karo syrup  brown sugar, or honey
for a sweet jerkey.
	Dried fruits are fun. Pineaple rings with a cherry in the middle are
pretty too! I choose to buy "Marianna" dried fruits from my grocery
store already packaged for me. Fruit roll ups are not a favorite of
Most any pie filling or a can of apple sauce makes good roll ups. You
can get the round liquid drying sheets at Walmart.
	Onions, white onions dry much faster the yellow. There seems to be much
less oil present in the white ones.
	For maximum reconstition time, mixed veggies can be prepared by drying
each individual veggie seperatly. Carefully drying each its optimum
	I have experimented with drying whole prepare dishes. I believe drying
meats separetly and drying the veggatbles at a lower temperature
(130 deg) actualy work better.  


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