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[at-l] Eminent domain

Tilton and Jan Willcox wrote:

> This discussion about loss of AT lands, eminent domain and how people feel about
> the ATC and NPS has been really interesting and thought provoking.  I'd like to
> pose a question to some of the nay-sayers of the doctrine of eminent domain:
> Have you ever visited a state or national park?  Have you ever gone to a
> national monument such as Gettysburg Battlefield or Devil's Tower?  How about
> the Lincoln Memorial?  Have you hiked in Yosemite or Yellowstone, camped by a
> stream or waterfall there?  Did you enjoy yourselves, or did you spend the whole
> time thinking how awful it was that that land used to belong to someone else?

Actually, living right next to the Bigelow Preserve, the thought
crosses my mind quite often. Every time I hike there my ethics
are challenged somewhat.

> The fact, no matter how much you may regret it, is that someone *did* used to
> own that land, whether it was by deed or trust, or by tradition, as with the
> Native Americans.  We may not appreciate the fact that someone had to give up
> something so we could all have something in perpetuity in return, but I daresay
> most of us are thankful that our founding fathers left the doctrine of eminent
> domain in place so we could have these beautiful places to go and "re-create".

Just because Soylent Green is tasty, doesn't mean we shouldn't be
concerned from where it came.


> Bottom line, folks:  If it weren't for eminent domain, we wouldn't be posting
> to this list!  Enjoy it, and good hiking!

Originally, only about a third of the AT passed through public land.
Although it wouldn't be as nice, it would still exist in some form
today without eminent domain.

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