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[at-l] RE: re: Dehydrated Meat

On 2/1 Rec Dancer wrote:
I don't know who it was that was dehydrating meat specifically hamburger on
this list, but we just bought a new hydrator so I can prepare meats for my
thru hike and I would appreciate it if you would email me back with any info
or recipes you are using.  Know I am getting a late start but I really was
not going to do this  but all the discussion about this made me decide to try
it.  Makes a lighter pack weight and more interesting food than I had
originally anticipated.

Thanks in advance for any info.

rec dancer
ga-me '97

	Our plan is to dehydrate different categories of food (meat & veggies) and then come up
with a meal rotation using different sauce packets, like Knorr's or Durkee's from the
grocery store.  We are dehydrating beef (It's whats for dinner) chicken, & hamburger. 
The beef doesn't HAVE to be cooked when you dehydrate it.  We generally buy in bulk from
those warehouse clubs.  London broils work very well, lots of meat very little fat &
fairly cheap by the pound.  (BTW Fat is a no no when dehydrating, the fat will never
dehydrate & will eventually go rancid & spoil the meat.)  Slice the beef & lay it on the
trays, I usually sprinkle with black pepper for spice.  If you want to make jerky do the
same, but marinate overnight in your favorite sauces. (I use teriyaki, soy, & lots & lots
of black pepper, other people like BBQ sauce, whatever works for you.)  Chicken MUST be
cooked before you dehydrate it.  This is for two reasons. 1) That whole salmonella thing,
it can kill ya!!  2)  When you rehydrate raw chicken it has the consistency of tire
rubber.  As for the Hamburger, I'm still experimenting with it, brown it the way you
would normally and then dehydrate it.  We are using the hamburger for stroganoff.  I'll
let you know how it comes out. I'm dehydrating a batch right now.  The veggies & fruit
are easier to deal with just slice and place on the trays.  We are dehydrating onions,
tomatoes, mushrooms, squash, bananas, and apples.  Good luck with your new toy, I can't
imagine eating another store bought dehydrated meal again!!  BLAHH!!
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