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Re: [at-l] Loops in the Smokies!

> I was
> wondering if anyone knows of any good loop trips that are about 75 miles
> roundtrip (portions of the AT preferable) in the smokies. Any information would
> be greatly appreciated!

75 miles in the smokies is a BIG loop.  How much time do you have. You
mentioned spring break; does this mean a week?  The best 75 mile hike I
know of in the GSMNP is the AT.  From Fontana Dam to Davenport Gap is
70-75 Miles. (can be done N>S).  The section can be hiked in a week to
10 days, depending on how many roses you smell.  It will require a
shuttle, tho.  I know of a man at Davenport Gap that will do it for
$100.  Not a bad price for what you get.  Would be even cheaper if you
had two cars, but, take twice the time shuttling.  

Write back with any questions.



Tom Fort 
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