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Re: [at-l] Loops in the Smokies!

>  I was
> wondering if anyone knows of any good loop trips that are about 75 miles
> roundtrip (portions of the AT preferable) in the smokies. Any information would
> be greatly appreciated!Michael - We live near the Smokies, and know that there, in fact, a 
great many loop hikes to be made there, fitting all kinds of length, 
difficulty, etc.  There's a map put out by the park titled "Great 
Smoky Mountains Trail Map" that gives trail mileages, campsites, and 
some idea of the difficulty with 'shaded' mountain terrain. The map 
costs about half a dollar over the counter, but I don't know how much 
via mail.
	There one great big hitch, though -- unless you're a thru-hiker, 
you need to RESERVE each campsite for a SPECIFIC date to stay overnight. 
That puts a big crimp in any chance to adjust plans due to weather, etc.
	 With over 600 miles of total trails in the part, it's a great 
place to hike, but you may need to make reservations quite a while ahead 
for popular campsites.
	Happy Trails.......Jack Coriell, the Old Smoked Ham

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