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Re: [at-l] viewshed/eminent domain

When "they" take your land and pay you what it's "worth", if you don't
want to sell it 
they're still just taking it. But it is the American way, read about what
our government did to farms and families to form the Shenandaoh National
Park. As wonderful as it is I can't go there without thinking about it's
"dirty" origin. It's great for me now, but how  would I feel if someone
took my land for the "good of the people". I have no answers only
questions. What makes the people's wants/needs more important than mine
and why my land and not yours? But I think we had best decide what to do
soon, we're much better at destroying the earth than saving even small
pieces of it. Maybe if we work at respecting the land and needs of others
we wont have to take their land in order to use it for our needs/wants.
We're only borrowing it from our children anyway.



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