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[at-l] A pack weight plea

"Pack weight" is a remarkable term.  We talk about it constantly, but
almost never define it!

Most of the time, I don't know whether the phrase "35 pound pack" means:

(1) A heavy pack with no food or water
(2) A very light pack with 2 quarts of water and 14 pounds of food
(3) An unbelievably light pack with 3 quarts of water and 20 pounds of food

I know that I've been trying to get my "full weight" under 40 pounds, and
that, for me, full weight means 2 quarts of water and 14 pounds of food.
My "base weight" includes water bottles (but no water) and no food.  My "40
pound" full weight, corresponds to a "22 pound" base weight.  I don't count
the clothes that I expect to be wearing.

I think that some folks count food, but not water in their "full weight".

I suspect that different people either count, or don't count, different

Some people hike (or pack) solo, others share gear.

Another variable is body size.  I've noticed that my fleece pullover is a
good bit bigger (and heaver) than my wifes.  My Teva Teradactyls weigh 23
oz (and aren't in my pack)!

I don't think that there is a "right" way to measure pack weight *, but I'd
love to know what people mean when they talk about it!

Happy Hiking!

-- Jim (men's large+tall tops, large pants, size 14 shoes, 14 lbs food, 2
lbs water, packs solo, doesn't count shorts+t-shirt+hat+socks+boots+gaiters
in summer) Mayer

* Actually, MY way is right :-)
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