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[at-l] Re: Losing land to AT

>I thought most if not all land that was bought for the AT was bought by
>private groups such as the PATC and donated.  There must be something more
>to the story.  There are too many instances of the AT being moved around
>because of private development for this case to be real simple.  Although
>I've been surprised before!!!  I think that's a part of the trail that's in
>PATC territory; anything posted on the PATC web site?

The great majority of the land for the AT has been purchased by either
NPS or USFS. Occationally pieces of property get donated to one of
the clubs who then usually turn it over to the government to avoid the
hastle of owning land and paying taxes or spending your life in court
fighting to not pay taxes.  The Trust for AT Lands, TATL, also is
active in the process.  They frequently buy key pieces that need
immediate action, e.g. some one calls up on Dec 20th and offers a
bargain sale if completed before the end of the year for tax purposes.
It is later sold to the government and the money recycled into other
purchases.  They work more on land that is in the viewshed of the

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