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[at-l] RE: Ripped Rain Jacket

James Bigler <gt8054b@prism.gatech.edu> writes:

> I notice a 3/4" rip in the arm of rain jacket today.  Any advice on
> repairs?  I imagine I should sew it back together somehow.  The problem is
> that I am pretty ignorant when it comes to sewing.  Any special tips that
> will make it more waterproof or strong(special stitch or thread)?
> Thanks guys.
> James Bigler                           Chemical Engineering Undergraduate
> email: gt8054b@prism.gatech.edu
> homepage: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~jb182

Shoe Goo (tm) and 5-minute epoxy are good for numerous repairs.  Epoxy is
available in small foil packages good for backpacking. Don't inhale Shoe
Goo fumes.

Sewing awls are neat tools.  How to use them isn't immediately obvious. I
just got a book (_On Rope_, new revised edition, 1996) which includes an
excellent article on sewing awls, showing how to make locking stitches.  I
will zerox it for people who email their paper addresses.

My sewing awl is loaded with waxed dental-floss.  Non-monofilament fishing
line is also good thread.  Throw away the stuff supplied with the awl!  A
crude sewing-awl can be improvised by sharpening the end of a sardine key.

 --  Frank    reid@indiana.edu
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