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[at-l] Toothpaste, poems & advice

I get the AT-L in digest form, and Dig.#98 has been the most interesting
collection in a long time.  Instead of sending numerous messages, I'm going
to comment on several items in one.

Diana, I also use Tom's of Maine (Peppermint) which is not easy to find in
the travel size, so I ordered it direct from Tom's.  It comes in packs of 12
at 8.25 + shipping charge (about $3).  Not having any idea how many i would
use, I ordered two 12 pks.; probably overkill, but I doubt that I'll have to
buy more for a long time.  The address on the invoice is:  Tom's of Maine
Natural, 106 Lafayette Center, Kennebunk, ME  04043.  They also have a web
site, and sponsor a portion of the AT in Maine.  

Just love the poems today - the one by Robert Service is so poignant that I
think I'm going to print it out & carry it with me.  Then I read the advice
of Polonius to Laertes, which I haven't read in years.  Wonderful.

Jim, I don't remember reading it last year, but if I did it my trip was too
far off for it to mean as much to me as it does today.  I'd like to provide
it to my mom, sisters & brothers, who support my efforts but probably don't
quite understand what drives me to do this.  Quite possibly they'll be even
more perplexed if, after the AT, I talk about doing another long distance

As to getting pre-hike jitters, I'm pretty calm on the outside but sometimes
I feel like I'm almost out of control with anticipation, anxiety, fear, and
love.  Something I realize from all the contacts with hikers on this list,
and from meeting a few of you personally and via email, is the tremendous
love which is generated by the trail, for the trail and for each other.  It
takes real love to share your time, your feelings, your advice, your web
sites, your encouragement (and your slides :-), and I thank each and every
one of you.  And I especially thank those who make these contacts possible,
Ryan for the AT-L, and Dan Bruce for Trailplace.

Marty (Gypsy)

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