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[at-l] Re: Losing land to AT

>          Rerouting the AT to land the AT/NPS already owns?
This is not possible. The places where land purchases are still
going on, are places where the trail is on roads or private property
typically without much in the way of permission.

There is an interesting case in my area.  Shortly north of Graymor the
trail crosses the Catskill Aquaduct (about 300 feet down).  There is
no evidence on the surface so without a map showing it no one know
where it is.  However when NPS approached NYC water department for
permission to cross they said "go around".  So for the time being we
are all trespassing for about 50 feet.  Taken litterally you would
have to walk all the way to the Catskills to get around the end of the pipe.
Taken less literally we would have to go down the hill parallel to it,
cross it on Route 9, then back up the other side.  This would require
more land purchases (perhaps not even friendly ones).  Land purchases
in a built up area are very difficult and expensive.  The $20,000 an
acre land I mentioned earlier was about 2 miles from here and not as
desirable as commercial land on Route 9.

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