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Re: [at-l] Food

I've been finding lots of interesting backpacking foods while prowling
around ethnic markets.  My latest "discovery" is "Masoor Dal", also known
as "red lentils".  They are salmon colored, and slightly smaller than the
usual lentils I see at the market.  I seem them in Indian (as in Asia)

The great thing about Masoor Dal is that it cooks much faster than regular
lentils.  In particular, you can let it soak in cold water for a couple of
hours, bring it to a boil, remove it from heat, let it sit for ten minutes
or so, and eat it.  The right water/lentil ratio is somewhere between 2-1
and 3-1.

They also cook quickly right out of the bag, but then they will require
some simmering.

Try it out!  Masoor Dal, instant rice, curry powder, raisins, and sunflower
seeds (or some other nut... my favorite way of getting fats) would make a
nice meal.

-- Jim (try it in your kitchen first) Mayer

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