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Re: [at-l] Personal Hygiene on the Trail

>What do you use to put on your toothbrush?  Baking
> soda?  Crest?  I'm wondering what's the most ecologically sound - Arm
> and Hammer or Crest with Fluoride, tartar control stuff, etc.  I use
> baking soda and eat a certs afterward to get that 'minty fresh feeling',
> but I really HATE the taste of bs.  (bs=baking soda, or course! ;)

I hate baking soda too! :P YUCK!!!!
I think for the thru-hike I am going to carry Tom's of Maine - all
natural toothpase. I don't know if they have travel size tubes or not.
If they don't - whatever I can find in the tiny ones so I can do
maildrops of toothpaste instead of a huge bulky thing in my pack.

Diana ^(raven)^ * raven@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
The Appalachian Trail 1998 * Georgia -> Maine
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