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[at-l] Food

The days are counting down and while all the chat about gear is cool and informative, I
think it's high time to get to the really, really important stuff - FOOD!!
	First a little about what Rootboy & I are doing.  We are entrusting the delivery of our
supplies to the US postal service, We have 30, count 'em 30, mail drops!! One every 5 - 7
days.  Originally we had planned to carry two weeks worth of food at a time, but the
more people we talked too ( and the more people that saw just how much I could eat )
laughed, and then suggested a much shorter time between drops.  We are also dehydrating
most of our food.  We go to BJ's (a big warehouse club that sells things in bulk
quantity, like 56 rolls of toilet paper for $8.00) and buy boneless chicken, beef,
vegetables, and fruit in bulk and dehydrate it. We also buy bulk quantities of rice and
pasta.  It's a huge savings for the budget conscious, and since we are doing the
dehydrating and therefore the packaging we can ensure minimal weight and don't have to
waste time repackaging things outside a grocery store at trailside.  One of the big
complaints we have heard about maildrops is "I get tired of the same old thing every
maildrop!!  Our answer to that is "WHY have the same old thing?"  Our plans are to
develop a menu of 15 -20 meals that get rotated thru the mail drops.  Ensuring a little
variety in our diet I'm sure will help keep spirits high on the trail.  We have about 12
meals so far. 
	What are everybody else's plans as far as food is concerned?  Have any of you alumni had
any MAJOR problems with the Post Offices?  Does any one have good lunch ideas?  We are
doing lots of peanut butter and honey, Gorp.  Any other suggestions? Recipes?
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