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Re: [at-l] Water bladders (was: Dana Wet Rib)

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997 05:50:25 PST, you wrote:

>As long as we are talking about easy access to water, what have peoples'
>experiences with hydration bladders been?  I noticed that Campmoor sells=
>"Platypus Hoser" bladder, that looks very interesting IFF it is durable
>enough.  The "Hoser" is a bladder with an attached water tube... you =
>it in (or under?) the top pocket of your pack, and drink through the =
>The 2 liter bottle weighs <<<< 1oz >>>> and costs $13.  The 1 liter =
>weighs 0.6oz, and costs a few dollars less.  Even funkier, supposedly =
>can attach the hose directly to your water filter!

I  have used one, but it was given to me and I don't know what brand
it was(its disappeared!).  It looked like a softcan, like something
that you would get precooked red beans and rice.  The tube ran down
from bottle(I have a top loader frame pack and it sat under my flap
and bag) and I attached the lube, which had a valve, with a piece of
velcro tape to the frame.  I was great for putting more water in a
smaller place that you  might not have been able to fit a bag.  Also,
it was great because I could distribute my water weight more evenly
across my pack.  I liked to be able to drink and keep on truck'in too
without having or deal with a bottle.  I usually nursed the tube on


Courtney Smith

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