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[at-l] Re: Poems

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Heres my poem contribution.........................................
                    REFLECTIONS FROM THE TRAIL
                   (WRITTEN 8, 1996 ON ISLE ROYALE)
                   Walking the trail is hard to do,
                   but never the less, for me and you.
                   It serves its purpose,
                    and much much more
                    Leaving us open minded after leaving natures door.
                    So be kind to nature,
                    be true and be bold.
                    Because great things come to those with a true 
                    heart of gold.
             --CHECK OUT" A Hog Slaughtering Woman." by David Marlatt.
             peace, John
 > Since everybody is tossing out poetry.
>                     Watercourse
>             Water springs clear and cold
>                 from a mountain mother.
>             Slipping over moss covered stones,
>                 gurgling currents bend 
>                 filtered forest light
>                 into deep pools of blue.
>             The river quickens.
>             Boulders with white water beards
>                 sit stoic at the edge
>                 where water 
>                 falls
>                 into the sky. 
>                                     Sam McKay
> ********************************************************
> From this world to the next
> And from the next back to this.
> By our actions we are bound...
> If you can't change the world.  Change yourself.
> And if you can't change yourself then ....change your world.
> The The
> ***********************************************************************
> GA->ME '97
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