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[at-l] poems

The following is from the Susquehannock Trail System trip report I posted
(to the AT-L) last November.  There were quite a few poems in there, of
which this is not exactly the deepest.  I thought I'd "recontribute" it to
the poetry discussion.  Try singing it in a 1950's singsong TV jingle sort
of way...

-- Jim

Monday, 9/7/96


A somewhat stiff jingle to start the morning off with:

        Donít forget the Ibuprofin
        When you go to bed at night
        For if you do, you will remember
        When the sun comes shining bright!
        When at the first step of morning,
        You find nothingís working right!
        Oh, donít forget the Ibuprofin,
        When you go to bed at night...

        It doesnít matter how youíre feeling,
        After hiking through the day,
        If you forget the Ibuprofin
        Youíre most surely bound to pay
        And when you do, you WILL remember
        Not to mess with natureís way...
        Oh, donít forget the Ibuprofin
        Put some in your pack today!

Ouch!  Iím a little afraid though.  If people go back to nature to reach the
highest centers of their creativity, what have I just found out about myself?

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