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Re: [at-l] Water bladders (was: Dana Wet Rib)

The water system I use seems similar to those I've read about so far.
I use, in combination with 3 1 liter bottles, a camel back. I'm still
trying to work out the bugs in carrying the thing. I'm pretty sure I'll
just 86 it for another liter Nalgene bottle.

I carry one liter bottle in a Mountainsmith carry pouch on my belt with a
tube extension, then just switch out the bottoms when empty.

Also, I'd rather carry the extra water into camp than to start out in the
morn without till the next water source. Been There, Done That, Got the
T-shirt, Wasn't Fun!

The Lord Bless and Keep You!

Gene Cochran

: From: R. L. (Dick) Wix <wixer@sparc.isl.net>
: To: mayer@wrc.xerox.com; rdubois@VNET.IBM.COM; at-l@saffron.hack.net;
: Subject: Re: [at-l] Water bladders (was: Dana Wet Rib)
: Date: Tuesday, January 28, 1997 9:00 AM
: Solo--, Jim, etal,,
: At 05:50 AM 1/28/97 PST, Jim Mayer wrote:
: >As long as we are talking about easy access to water, what have peoples'
: >experiences with hydration bladders been?  
:    Have not tried the various "hydration" schemes,, my CampTrails has the
: water bottle holder within easy reach (usually use a liter pop bottle). I
: carry a 6 liter MSR Dormendary, very seldom fill it full, unless I'm
: into a dry camp/shelter (then I'll try to fill up within a mile of my
: destination, that extra 12+ lbs at the end is a killer). I'm thinking of
: Peters Mt. Shelter just past Duncannon, the water was only a little way
: (at the bottom of the ridge), being forewarned I carried about 4 extra
: liters from near Zeager Shelter (about 1.5 miles [in 94]). At least I
: have to face hiking down the ridge and back, like several others, the
: maintainers had tried to build a cistern collection (not functional when
: was there).
:   Any hoo, in answer to the next question, this is as close as I come to
: bladder/bottle combination.
: >The combination of a bladder and a "real" water bottle sounds very
: >interesting to me.  Has anyone tried this?
: >
: >Along the same lines (easy access to stuff), I am very fond of a little
: >"SunDog" pocket that attaches to the shoulder strap of my pack.  There
: >just enough room in there for my (small) camera, notepad, trail guide,
: >and pencil.  It isn't particularly padded, but I put the camera in the
: >with the other stuff in front as a buffer.  If it looks like rain, I
: >anything that doesn't want to get wet in a ziploc bag.
:   Sounds like the one I've got attaches to pack strap with velcro strips,
: carries my Minolta well... I did attempt to HOH proof it, it's now HOH
: "resistant", the Ziplock back-up works great. At least it keeps the
: handy for those "impromptu" shots.
: take care,,,
:     Dick & Lyn  Wix     (Where's Spring; Rochester, MN)
:                  aka  "WIXeR"  AT-94  GA->ME
:                        wixer@sparc.isl.net
:        We'll get there,,,, when we get there.!!" - obscure
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