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Re: [at-l] Harper's Ferry!!

Hello all;

	I had a great time in Harpers Ferry. I guess about 15 people 
came to the ATC HQ. I got to see some folks I had met at the "Gathering"
and met some new hikers too. I picked up a 97 data book, but they where
all out of the ATC pack Rain Covers. Looking at two slide shows prompted
me to buy a better camera for my 97 hike. Something with a date stamp is
a must for my poor memory! I am even more anxious now, tired of  talking
about it. I am ready to start that climb up the steep mountain lugging 
my overstuffed pack in the bone chilling icy winds, wet, unbathed, 
no tv or pc.....hmmmm lets enjoy talking about this hike a little more
before I leave!

NOTE:**** Do not forget, Ryan has archives of the list ! If you have WEB
access you can find those poems, email and web addresses, or other info
you wish you hadnt deleted, etc. I used to store lots of postings, now I
just use the archives. A few times my trigger finger was too fast on the
delete key. Now I can retrieve that important email. The WEB address for
the archives is at the bottom of every AT-Listserve email.**********

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