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[at-l] Dana Wet Rib

Raven had asked about the Dana Wet Rib.  Raven,
I've got the Dana Dry Rib strapped onto my Mountainsmith
and I barely have enough space for it across my abodmen.  You might
want to try the wet rib out on your pack first before you
buy it--even though it may work on your pack, it might not fit
your body.  I definitely would not have had enough room across
my abdomen to have had the extra size of the water bottle compartment
too.  Just check it out before you spend the $$$.

As an alternate, I have seen several pack set-ups where people
have strapped those water bottle insulating carriers onto their
shoulder strap as a handy location for a pint size bottle.

'Solophile'  GA-->ME  '97
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