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[at-l] Harper's Ferry!!

Figured I'd a post a note for the curious, after reading Phil's quick note...

The "general meeting" at ATC was not only informative (as far as what did
and didn't work for folks, and stuff we should think about while planning)
but great to be able to meet and mingle with our fellow list members in
person. After the meeting and a lengthy discussion over pizza, we headed up
to the Hilltop Hotel and piled into the larger of the two rooms for an
evening of slides, photos, and more talk. The projector kept overheating so
we'd watch a few slides, take a break and talk, watch a few more, etc...for
about 5 hours! Firefly showed off her thru-hike (wow! what deep snow in the
Smokies!) as did Jim Owen. Rachel managed to slip Micah up a back staircase
to keep him out of the cold.

Putting the hike in perspective...it's sobering when it takes the same
amount of time to drive 200 miles as it does to walk 6.5 without a pack!!
After breakfast this morning, Rachel, Jim & Ginny, Marty, Chase, and I hiked
a short section north of the Potomac. I learned a few important things:
carry a hankerchief when you've got a sinus infection; a baclava is a good
idea when it's below 25 and there's a wind chill too; and Leki's are
fabulous inventions. Marty let me borrow one of hers, and it did wonders for
me traversing rocks. Of course, I was the slowpoke of the group, and they
kept having to wait for me. But I appreciated it.

And I couldn't help but slip a few rocks in my pocket along the way (I
collect 'em, it's almost an obsession). I'm tempted to take "Rockhound" as a
trail name, but I'm afraid that'll tip off the rangers at Baxter that I plan
to take a tiny piece of Katahdin home with me...

Looking forward to living vicariously thru Sedona, Phil, Rachel, Marty, and
the others this spring, and to backpacking the LHT...

Cheers, all
Sandy (wishing she didn't have to go to work tomorrow)
---Sandra Downs 	<downs@nb.net>
---Pittsburgh, PA       Visit Cyberwall! http://www.nb.net/~downs/

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