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Re: [at-l] I'VE GOT IT! MY TRAIL NAME IS....

Hi Phil,
    Now you have me thinking I caused your change... but yes. others can
razz about things and I just like to point out possibilities that may make
that name only temporary to ya... 
 Actually Phil... there are alot of professionals on here who have seen
your coordination with events and get togethers as such..that the word " PR
Man "
stands out for the ie: corporate image,etc... which you do well for the
group,list and trail.... And for you it should be a way for you to figure
out whose the smart ones and analytical ones to the fact that it is your
"initials"... "P."hil "R."o "Man"s,  every darn letter is in your
name...Your self titled Phil! Sorry I couldn't make the group..but Texas be
long ways from Harpers  heehee..... Just a thought...cause when I see ya
this summer I will yell...Hey P.R. Man ...and think of the net ;-) 
Tumbleweed   GA>ME 97

> From: Phil Romans <promans@justice.loyola.edu>
> To: Tumbleweed <n8fcf@onramp.net>
> Subject: Re: [at-l] I'VE GOT IT!  MY TRAIL NAME IS....
> Date: Monday, January 27, 1997 3:22 PM
> Oh,
> 	Well, perhaps I should just let the trail do it.  Thinking about 
> and dubbing yourself is not always a good thing.  I will wait before 
> calling myself such.
> Anyhow what was the conpression bag you got for the NF?
> -=phil
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